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Fire safety: CBS46 puts kids to the test

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With children sometimes staying home alone during the summer months, DeKalb County firefighters encourage parents to make sure their children know what to do if there’s a fire in the house.

A CBS46 crew put a Brookhaven family to the test recently. Timna Angst, a mother of two, said she often talks to her daughters about safety. Angst’s younger daughter was away at camp, so her older daughter invited some friends over for our “test,” not knowing what it would entail.

We performed the test with the help of DeKalb County firefighters, including Capt. Eric Jackson and Capt. Angi Eubanks. As the girls played in an upstairs room, Jackson sounded a smoke alarm right outside the door.

The girls passed the test. They stopped what they were doing and ran for the door, heading downstairs and to the front yard.

“Nobody hid in a closet,” Jackson said. “No one took cover under the desk. They went straight for the door.”

But afterward, Jackson and Eubanks gave the girls some suggestions.

“Touch the door handle with the opposite side of your hand just to make sure,” Jackson said. “If it’s hot, you don’t want to go out that door. You want to retreat back to the window.”

“If door is not hot, then it’s safe to open the door,” Eubanks added. “Then you just want to really quickly scan the hall. See if there’s any smoke. If there’s no smoke, then head on out to the door.”

Angst said the test proved her family’s safety plan has room for improvement.

“I’m going to tell them, you’ve got to touch the door because you don’t know. You could be running and running right towards the fire,” said Angst. “I love that. I haven’t even thought about that.”

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