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Crew pulls sunken house boat from Lake Lanier

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For the fourth time in one year, a crew on Lake Lanier pulled a sunken house boat on to a barge and off to a dumping ground.

The Lake Lanier Association tried for several months to find the owner of the vessel, but were unsuccessful and finally had to pay roughly $10,000 to have the boat removed.

“These (boats), by the time they get on our radar, there’s no value to them so it’s not like a nice boat we can go sell somewhere,” said Joanna Cloud, Executive Director of the Lake Lanier Association.

“It’s straight up trash,” she said. “Disposing of something that’s really heavy, and really hard to chop, and has no salvage value, is problematic.”

She said the owners of the boats, if they ever were to be located, likely would face felony charges for allowing such large vessels to sink and pollute the water for an extended period of time.

The boat pulled out on Tuesday had been underwater for nearly two years.

Two other abandoned boats still remain to be cleared from the lake, though both vessels are on shore and will be much easier to get to, said Cloud.

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