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Snakes in full force as Summer season approaches

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As Georgia heads into the hot summer months, wildlife officials warn that snakes are out in full force and copperheads are the biggest threat.

If you live in metro Atlanta, snakes are likely to slither through your backyard. The question is, whether or not you lay eyes on it. 

Matthew Field is the owner of All Wildlife Control. He has personally collected several copperhead snakes during the Spring months and expects to see many more through the Summer.

"If you see a copperhead, you have a problem because there's more copperheads," says Field. "They have live babies in August. They don't lay eggs, they have babies."

If the number of snake bites in Georgia is any indication, the population of these creatures is rapidly growing. Poison control officials say the number of snake bites so far is up at least 40 percent over last year.

Field's theory on this? The rodent population is exploding and snakes have much more to feed on. Especially near the Chattahoochee River.

"Snakes can go just about anywhere but they're attracted to brushy areas. They're very, very non-aggressive," says Field. "I've had people step on them and not get bit. They really only bite you when you stick your hand within three inches of their mouth."

The Georgia poison control center says snakes especially love to hide, in pine straw. If you're trying to keep snakes off your property, make sure you've cleared as much brush as possible. Also, keep bird seed to a minimum. It attracts rodents which, in turn, attracts snakes.

If you get bitten by a snake, the Georgia poison control center says the most important thing is to get right to a hospital. Don't try to clean the wound yourself. If you can be seen by a doctor, there's a good chance they can clean it, and you can be home within a few hours.

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