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One of metro Atlanta's worst eyesores still standing

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It’s one of the worst eyesores in metro Atlanta and Ray Richardson works next door to it in DeKalb County.

“It’s so big and it’s the first thing you see. You don’t see everything else around it after you look at it,” Richardson said.

He and thousands of commuters see the abandoned Presidential Hotel at I-85 and Spaghetti Junction every day.

“They should take and change that into a nice property of some sort. I don’t know if it’s commercial or residential because it’s just an eyesore the way it is now,” Richardson said.

Last year, a judge ordered the owners of the rundown building to secure the property by boarding up broken windows, but since then the condition of the building has worsened.

“In some places they may be falling off the windows a little bit on the high windows. Somebody is going to have to look at it and take care of it, maybe on a monthly basis,” Richardson said.

The property is located in DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester’s district, so we wanted to know what is being done to bring the building back up to code.

“So two things are going on. So certainly with code enforcement, vigorous code enforcement, we have to keep going out there and make sure the current owners are keeping the building secure,” Jester said.

Secondly, Jester said the property has been put in receivership and she has met with those interested in buying the land. 

“People are coming to the receivers and saying, Okay, here is our plan, and they’re coming to us and we’re looking at them. The judge has been very clear he wants the property sold,” Jester said.

But so far there has been no deal to buy and renovate the building. And there is no timeline for eliminating the eyesore.

“I hope they do something about it pretty soon,” Richardson said.

So why not just demolish the building?

Jester said demolition cost exceeds the land value by more than $1 million and it’s just not feasible to demolish the building at this time.

Code Enforcement will revisit the property and demand that the owners once again secure the property. 

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