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WATCH: Wranglers lasso and capture 10-foot alligator

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(MEREDITH/AP) --  A 10-foot alligator has a new home after coming too close to some calves in East Texas and biting a wrangler who helped remove the reptile.

It all started when Hal Conover of Hawkins, Texas noticed that an alligator had broken into a pen where he was weaning calves.

Conover called alligator hunter Byron South and his son for help in capturing the animal.

Video posted on YouTube Monday shows South and Conover lassoing and anchoring the gator on the ground.

At one point, the alligator bit one of the wrangler's fingers but there was reportedly no lasting damage.

Eventually, the men got the animal into the back of a livestock trailer. He was transported and relocated to the Gator Farm in Grand Saline.

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