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Goats slaughtered in DeKalb County neighborhood

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Maintaining the yard is a labor of love for Nick Martinelli. He has lived in Stone Mountain for 40 years, but now fears the value of his property is depreciating.

“It can’t be healthy if you’re slaughtering animals out in the open,” Martinelli said.

Martinelli said his neighbor, Atiba Jones, who owns land on Rowland Road, is known to slaughter goats in the woods on the property and then process the meat for consumption.

“The place is coded for residential housing, single houses and he wants to create this agricultural farm, and we’re not set for that,” Martinelli said.

Anne Jones-Forde is disgusted about what is happening in the neighborhood and said DeKalb County Code Enforcement is not doing enough to eradicate it.

“There were several animals being slaughtered.  One of the animals got away and was behind my fence, my dogs went crazy and after that one of them died between my fence and my neighbors,” Jones-Forde said.

Our investigation found that the Georgia Department of Agriculture cited the property owner for operating a slaughter facility without a license and illegally processing animals for consumption.

“It’s not fair to the people who have bought a home to live in, then know that you are slaughtering animals on a property so close to where we live,” Jones-Forde said.

“My opinion is the county authority should step in and stop it because the code doesn’t allow it,” Martinelli said.

CBS46 spoke with Atiba Jones off-camera on Monday.  He said the slaughtering on his property was a part of a religious holiday. He also said, all issues have been resolved and they haven't had any slaughtering in the neighborhood since September.

Next up, there will be a trial in DeKalb County State Court to address some of these issues.

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