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DeKalb County man responsible for slaughtering goats speaks out

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Concerned about their community, several Stone Mountain homeowners dressed in red Tuesday to alert county officials at a Board of Commissioners meeting about one of their neighbors, Atiba Jones, and his treatment of animals.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Jones has chosen to violate code enforcement and animal control laws for the past three years,” a resident said.

“There is no water service on this property for animals, much less irrigation,” another resident said.

Jones owns 11 acres of land on Rowland Road in DeKalb County and has admitted to slaughtering goats on the property, even though the area is zoned residential.

“He bought 50 goats and sold them to people who came into the neighborhood to buy them, slaughtered them on his property, which is illegal,” neighbor Linda Rice said. 

The Georgia Department of Agriculture cited the property owner for operating a slaughter facility without a license and illegally processing animals for consumption.  

And in an exclusive interview with CBS46, Jones said the slaughtering was a part of a religious holiday and nothing more.

“This is a part of a century-old tradition that has its roots in all the Abrahamic faiths,” Jones said.

Jones said he was unaware that he was violating the law and that no animals have been slaughtered since September.

“So when we found out it’s against the code, we said no problem. It’s not happening any more. We’re going to stop now and it won’t happen again,” Jones said. 

Now Jones wants to turn the property into a community garden, but neighbors are opposed to that as well.

“The big deal is he says he wants a community garden, but he’s making people pay for their plots. He has not asked the community. I live two blocks down,” Rice said.

Jones told CBS46 he does not plan to run his community garden like a business and that he has met with people in the neighborhood about it.  That said, Jones will have to answer to some of his prior code violations in state court in early August.

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