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Statham officer accused of false arrests no longer with department

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Nearly two years after some claimed they had been railroaded by city leaders in Statham, they say there is finally justice.

Katie Corkren is a member of Statham Concerned Citizens, an online group committed to exposing government misconduct.

“It’s about time, it should have happened a long time ago.  A lot of people would have been saved a lot of heartache,” Corkren said.

Officer Marc Lofton is accused of making false DUI arrests with people taking prescription medication. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia found Lofton made significant errors in several of the DUI drug investigations. 

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“If good people don’t do anything when they see something is wrong then that’s just allowing evil to continue,” Corkren said. 

CBS46 pressed town officials about Lofton’s actions last year. The city clerk confirmed Thursday that Lofton is no longer employed with the city of Statham’s Police Department.

“I don’t think it solves the problem at all. Most of the other police officers that are on the force in Statham and I think there are five of them currently and they are not trustworthy people either,” Corkren said.  

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City leaders would not say whether Lofton resigned or was terminated.  And it’s also unclear whether he will be working in law enforcement again.

“It’s definitely not over and there hasn’t been any punishment for the crime either. So in many ways it’s not over,” Corkren said.  “We believe that we need to find out where he’s going to.  It would be negligent not to.”

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