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Girl Scout garden blossoms for Senior Citizens

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At 86-years-of-age, Clara Courville’s happiness has blossomed like the garden she cares for.

“You can’t explain how you feel because God has given you a gift,” Courville said.

It all began with the planting of a seed -- a seed in the ground and a seed in the heart of a girl with a brown sash and a green thumb.

“The first time I saw her I knew there was something special about her.  And I was right because there’s a jewel in her that very few people have,” Courville said.

Mature beyond her years, 17-year-old girl scout Sarah Kucia knew that planting a garden for seniors would be medicine that doesn’t need a prescription.   

“It’s deep rooted in me that doing good does good for you,” Kucia said.

And what surprised everyone is that it became a bigger blessing than anyone ever imagined. 

“This isn’t just a garden of vegetables, it’s a garden of relationships.  It’s a pretty awesome thing,” Charter Senior Living of Alpharetta Director Jeanette Rodgers said.

And from deep rooted kindness, beautiful friendships will continue to grow.

“These people here, they are kind of like a second family when I come here,” Kucia said.

“To see the younger generation connecting with our older generation is what it’s about. It just breathes life and adds to our quality of life,” Rodgers said. 

As for Clara, she has cared for many gardens in her day, but nothing quite like this one.

“When I look at this it looks like home to me now,” Courville said. “I hope the Lord blesses her to the very end.”

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