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Theater stops movies to find owner of two dogs locked inside hot car

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Roswell police and firefighters raced against time to rescue two dogs locked inside a car where temperatures topped 160 degrees. Now a woman from the Macon area is facing animal cruelty charges. Police say she was inside a theater enjoying a movie while her dogs were suffering.

A 911 call brought an officer to the parking lot of "Studio Movie Grill" on Holcomb Bridge Road on Sunday afternoon. It was about 90 degrees outside. Parked on the hot black asphalt there was a black car with two dogs locked inside.

The officer's body camera captures him responding to the 911 call. The woman who called 911 is heard apologizing for inconveniencing the officer but police say the dogs wouldn’t be alive if she had not placed the call.

“It only takes a few minutes for the inside of the car to reach these high temperatures,” Officer Lisa Holland with the Roswell Police Department told CBS46. The officer’s heat gun showed it was more than 160 degrees in the car even with the windows cracked.

“This dog has been in here for over an hour,” the officer is recorded saying.

“Cracking the windows is not going to help there is no air circulating… it’s like being in a hot oven,” stated Holland.  

As officers removed a 10-pound terrier they spotted another small dog hiding under the front seat. The first dog suffered a heat stroke and firefighters rushed it to a nearby fire hydrant to cool it down. About that time the owner came out of the theater.

“Have you been out to check on the animals?”, an officer asks her. “I haven’t been out,” she responded.  

Police blurred out the owner in the video they released to the public but CBS46 has learned she is Shaquana Cole from the Macon area. Police tell us she would have been taken to jail but she had several young children with her so she was ticketed instead.

CBS46 has also uncovered Cole only came out of the theater after police stopped all movies and ordered the owner of the car to step outside. Sources tell CBS46 she then asked the theater for a refund.

The two dogs will remain in police custody until she goes before a judge. That will take place next month.

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