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Airline passenger causes chaos in cabin at Atlanta Airport

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You can almost always expect some delays when traveling through the world's busiest airport in Atlanta.

But passengers on board American Airlines Flight 218 from Atlanta to Chicago did not expect to be delayed because of an altercation between a passenger and flight attendant.

Michael Nash witnessed a fellow passenger shove a flight attendant just moments before take-off, causing chaos in the cabin. That's when he pulled out his cell phone.

“She tells the lady, 'You have to bring your seat up, we're taking off,' and she reaches over to show her the button to help her move her seat up and the woman just lurches out and jumps in her face,” Nash said.

Witnesses said the disruptive passenger's behavior terrified children and others on board. 

“The woman was using the ‘F’ bomb telling everyone to ‘F’ off and ‘F’ you, so it was bad for the children and there were a bunch of older people who were frightened when all of this was happening,” Nash said.

The flight crew decided to return to the gate and have the passenger removed.  Police questioned Nash about the incident, but never charged the disruptive passenger.

“She didn't care about anyone else but herself. Everytime someone asked her to stop doing something, she just yelled at them,” Nash said.

While challenging authority, CBS46 learned that Atlanta police did not even write an incident report, allowing the woman to walk free.

“The only laugh we got out of this was when the plane pulled back up to the terminal one of the little kids in the area asked his mom, ‘Is this Chicago?’ Everyone laughed and said no we're still in Atlanta,” Nash said.

Flight 218 finally got off the ground some five hours after it was scheduled for take-off. 

Neither Atlanta police nor American Airlines could explain why the disruptive passenger was not detained or arrested.

Airline officials said they are still reviewing the incident and will be speaking with the gate agent and flight attendant involved to determine what to do next.     

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