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Flag causes problems with man's Home Owner's Association

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CBS46 is taking a closer look at a metro Atlanta man's argument with hos Home Owner's Association.

Something similar may have happened to you before.

The man thought he had the freedom to fly a flag, just showing support for the Atlanta United soccer team inside his home, but the HOA said no and even threatened a series of fines.

Frank Diaz and his girlfriend are true Atlanta United FC fans and he wanted everyone in his neighborhood to know it.

But Diaz says he didn't know he couldn't fly his founding member's flag inside his house so you could see it through his second story window.

That was until his HOA sent him a notice of violation that the banner wasn't inline with the architectural harmony of the community.

He'd be fined $25 a day unless he took it down.

"I thought a violation would be something where it would be done outside, or where you change on the outside. I didn't think that on the inside it would really affect anything or hurt anybody," says Diaz. 

I contacted GW and Associates, who manage the Barrington Ridge HOA. They told me they sent the notice on behalf of the Board of Directors and to talk to them. We tried, but they refused. That board is made up of other homeowners who live right next door to Diaz.

Tuesday night, they did meet with him about the violation.

"The reasoning for the flag is you do not want to have it posted all day, every day for 365 days. In situations like Holidays it would be just a temporary thing."

Diaz says he doesn't remember getting a copy of his HOA covenants when he bought his home, but he says he will abide by the HOA rules and he figured out another way to show his team spirit -- by putting his flag behind his blinds.

"And on game day, I will basically put my blind up and show my spirit, and when the day's over, I'll just put my blind down," he said.

Diaz says this is a reminder to every homeowner to read the rules and regulation to avoid fines, and even a possible lien on your home.

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