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County demolishes dilapidated buildings at Brannon Hill Condos

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For 17-years, Linda Parker and her family have called the Brannon Hill Condos home.

“They don’t come in here and clean, they just let us live like this. We pay our rent, but this is what we get,” Parker said.

She said the conditions are deplorable in her unit, with holes in the ceiling and mold everywhere.

“We pay $600 to live like this,” Parker said.

On Thursday, DeKalb County crews began removing trash and debris from burned buildings at the complex in Clarkston. Still, Parker said more needs to be done. 

“That’s okay to clean the rubble and debris up, but real lives are affected by people that are living in these homes under these conditions,” Parker said. 

County officials called it the first step to eliminating blight throughout the community. It became possible after a judge granted the county access to the property, and they intend to remove 150 dump truck loads of debris.

“Right now we’re just going to clean it up because people are living here and the long term solution I don’t have yet, but we know that this is unacceptable,” DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond said. 

The county has no plans to clean up conditions in Parker’s building, so now they are planning to move out. 

“They need to get in here and put a fire underneath these landlords,” Parker said.

“Beyond this, we have to do more to address the human misery, the families who live here and hopefully relocate them to better living conditions,” Thurmond said.

Relocating families will be a difficult task considering there are nearly 200 condo units occupied and not everyone wants to move.

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