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Georgia joins several southern states in speeding crackdown

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When it comes to speeding on Georgia highways, this young man says it best.

"Speeding is crazy out here in Atlanta," driver Corey Funcats said.

But speeders beware. A week-long enforcement campaign kicked off Monday in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee.

"As of this morning, 782 people have been killed on the roads of Georgia," the Governor's Office of Highway Safety Director Harris Blackwood said.

"Over the past two year's, we've seen a 50 percent increase in the number of speed related fatalities," Blackwood added.

A member of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says this multi-state initiative is a first of it's kind.

"We've not had an event that has addressed speeding specifically across this many states, so we are looking forward to seeing the good results of saving some lives and prevent some crashes," Maggie Gunnels of NHTSA said.

While leaders say it's to save lives, some drivers question if there are other motives.

"I think a lot of times these campaigns are to try and increase revenue generated by police in terms of tickets and that kind of thing," driver Eli Hungerford said.

I took that concern to State Patrol's Colonel Mark McDonough. His says his department and the state is not motivated by money because the money does not go to them.

"From our citations, the revenue ends up going into the jurisdiction where it's written," McDonough said.

McDonough says what's key for his agency is getting more officers hired. He says staffing has been low with only 13 recruits graduating in the next class. But he says they are seeing growth with larger graduating classes coming. 

As for the speeding crackdown in our region, drivers are hoping it works.

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