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Program teaches life lessons through chess

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A DeKalb County man is using chess as a way to teach young people life lessons and keep them out of trouble.

Orrin Hudson runs the non-profit organization Be Someone, Inc.

He wants to give children and young people something positive to do over the summer and is offering a chess camp. He said he wants to do his part in reducing violence and crime, and wants to offer this outlet.

He teaches children and young adults how critical thinking and decision making used to play chess can be applied in every day life.

"Don’t do the first thing that pops in your head, the first thing that pops in your head is a trap," he said. 

"Six magic words, take time to think things through," said Hudson.

"I just love the game," said 16-year-old D.J. Gibson. He started playing chess with Hudson about 10 years ago and now volunteers his time to teach the game to younger kids. He said he's applied what he's learned through chess to his life.

"There's a lot of bad decisions out there and I think what Orrin does is he helps you to realize you have to think it out before you actually start fighting or shooting," he said.

Ola Gibson's 5-year-old son is attending the program. He said he tries to apply what his son learns at camp at home.

"I try to tell him, you have to control yourself, you have to think and that’s the same thing with chess. If you touch it, you got to move it. You got to think before you move," he said.

Hudson knows what it's like to make poor decisions. He said he got involved in gang activity when he was about 12-years-old. After a high school teacher introduced him to chess, his life turned around. He went on to compete in chess championships, serve the in the Air Force and become an Alabama state trooper. He founded Be Someone, Inc. and is based in the Stone Mountain area of DeKalb County.

He said he is happy to talk to any parent about working with his or her child.

He can be reached at and (404) 578-5278.

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