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Officer assists mother, daughter forced on the streets due to mounting medical bills

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After receiving complaints of two women panhandling for cash on freeway exit ramps, an officer went in to investigate. After meeting the women, he decided to help.

Thinking they were panhandling for money to pay for an addiction, Sean Dinse, a Los Angeles police officer, talked with the two women for several hours.

Barbara, a 72 year-old woman who worked as a nurse for over 50 years, had a seizure in 2016 and was hospitalized for over a month. Her daughter, 32 year-old Jenny, worked as a teacher and gave up the job to take care of her mother. Mounting medical bills forced them from their home, leaving them out on the streets.

The two were panhandling to make enough money to pay for a hotel room.

After hearing their story, Officer Dinse knew they needed help. He was able to help them in finding an apartment and solicited funds from the community to help pay the down payment and first months rent.

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