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Congress asks for warning system to prevent hot car deaths

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Some in Congress are trying to attack the problem of children dying in hot cars by suggesting a warning system be implemented by car makers. 

It's a bill that will hopefully save lives. The bill requires vehicles to have a noise or vibration system alerting parents to check their backseats to make sure they don't leave a child behind.

Julie Jacobson is a busy mother, and the mother of two gives the green light for the Hot Car Act.

"I would say anything that is going to protect your children is a good idea," says Jacobson.

Jacobson says look before you lock, advice the proposed bill wants automakers to hear, requiring cars to be equipped with technology to alert drivers that someone is in the backseat when the car is turned off.

Wallace Barlow, a father of four, wishes the technology would have been around when his children were young.

"I think that it is very important," says Barlow. "I don't think they're really thinking anything bad, but when they leave their child in the car, something physically can happen, or that child can be stuck there."

Every year, we have learned an average of 37 children die from being locked in the car in the U.S., according to Kids and Cars, the group behind the bill.

Captain Eric Jackson with the DeKalb County Fire Department showed CBS46 how hot a car can get.

"It's reading...104 degrees," says Jackson, as he showed how hot it was in a car in July.

That's why parents are pushing for the bill to pass -- to prevent another tragedy, even if it's not done intentionally.

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