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Constantly looking at phone is changing our anatomy

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It's no secret we are a nation attached to our phones. It's probably the last thing you'll look at before you go to bed and the first thing you'll check when you wake up the next day.

But how much of a toll is all of that screen time really taking on your body?

Constantly looking down at our device is changing our anatomy and creating what's called "text neck."

"It's really caused by this constant head down, head forward position that we do when we're texting, and this constant position actually changes the curve in your neck," says Dr. Julio Reis of Life Giving Chiropractic in Austell.

He says he's seeing more and more patients coming in with text neck.

"The first correction we make will be at the bottom of the cervical spine," says Dr. Reis.

The condition is changing the shape of our neck, making it straight. It's normally the shape of a backwards C.

"Once the neck is straight, or even worse, once the neck's curve starts to go forward, the structures in your neck at that point are simply not designed to hold the weight of your head and the stress against gravity," says Dr. Reis.

For every 15 degrees your head is tilted down, extra weight is put on your spine, as much as 60 lbs. Long term symptoms can include numbness and tingling in the hands, and shooting pain from the neck down to your arms.

In addition to stretching, you can prevent the symptoms of text neck by taking frequent breaks and holding your phone at eye level.

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