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Surviving child recounts stabbing murder of family

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surviving victim, Diana Romero, age 9 surviving victim, Diana Romero, age 9

CBS46 is uncovering new details from state records that give more explanation about what led up to the gruesome deaths of a father and four small children near Loganville, allegedly at the hands of their mother, Isabell Martinez.

According to an official report, the 9-year-old who miraculously survived her injuries told caseworkers her mother asked each of the children for forgiveness and told them she loved them before she stabbed them.

The young victim told caseworkers the last thing her mother said to her was that she was sending her to the sky to see Jesus. The girl responded to her mother that she didn't want to see Jesus.

All the victims were asleep when the attacks began, and according to the child's account, once she saw what her mother was doing, she alerted her father, who was then killed while trying to intervene.

Many have seen the now-famous video of Isabel Martinez's arraignment where she first stood accused of mass murder and behaved very uniquely in the courtroom.

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According to interviews with Martinez immediately after the stabbings, investigators wrote she and the family had just returned from a trip to the beaches of Savannah. Martinez said she couldn't wait to get her family back to Loganville because she felt the presence of an evil spirit near the ocean. Later, she told police an unnamed family friend committed the monstrous acts, even though she already named herself as the killer in the 911 calls.

Official documents show Georgia DFCS caseworkers visited the family one time before when they lived on Thompson Mill Road in Buford. The tip came from someone at their elementary school who was concerned about the father possibly spanking the children with a belt.

After an investigation, the caseworkers concluded there was no threat to the children that required action. Even though she was not the focus, the caseworkers interviewed Martinez as a matter of routine, and described her as a loving parent.

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