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State senator claims metro Atlanta school board is "racist"

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Georgia state senator Emanuel Jones claims the Henry County school board is racist after they rescinded an offer to a superintendent candidate last week.

Dr. Timothy Gadson, was offered the job of superintendent but it was then rescinded and Jones wants Governor Nathan Deal to get involved. The district says Gadson wanted a vastly higher compensation package than what was offered.

The current superintendent of Henry County schools, Rodney Bowler, has an annual salary of $213,207. Gadson was offered $225,000 for the job but he countered, asking for over $302,000.

Henry County is the seventh most populated county in metro Atlanta. In comparison, Stephen Green, superintendent of DeKalb County schools, earns $331,200 annually. DeKalb County has nearly 500,000 more people than Henry County.

Back to Henry County, current superintendent Bowler's compensation package is valued at $444.000. Gadson's proposed compensation package would reached $944,000, more than double that of Bowler's.

Senator Jones claims that the offer was rescinded solely because Gadson is African-American. The school board insists that is came down to money and that what Dr. Gadson asked for was simply to much for them to pay.

In a statement to CBS46, the school board says "The contract demands of Dr. Gadson far exceed what has been traditionally extended to previous superintendents."

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