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Sinkholes causing concerns for residents

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Two sink holes exactly a mile a part in northwest Atlanta are causing issues for drivers and homeowners.

"It's basically all just eroding away now and you can see it creeping into the driving lanes," Becky Bunnell told CBS46 of the sinkhole near her home.

Neighbors say a sinkhole has been growing on Nancy Creek road for more than two weeks now. The city of Atlanta says the sinkhole was caused by a failed drainage culvert.

The massive opening in the ground, measuring about 15 feet wide and deep, has people like Bunnell concerned for when school starts next week.

"The school buses will start coming through here, and as far as weight on this road...I don't know what kind of erosion is happening beneath the surface. We will have larger vehicles coming through here once the buses start," Bunnell said.

It's the same issue down the street on West Wesley. The sinkhole has been there since last Sunday. After challenging the city for answers about when it will be fixed, today they told CBS46 they're beginning repairs on Wednesday.

They did not say if it will be fixed before school starts.

The sinkhole has parents whose children attend schools nearby worried for their safety.

"Kids, you know, walk to school, and we car pool, and buses come through here so they're going to have to do something fast," Jeanine Taylor told CBS46.

The city says the sinkhole on West Wesley road was caused by an old leaking pipe. CBS46 wanted to know if they had plans to replace other old pipes throughout the city to prevent more sink holes from popping up.

We were told there are no plans to do so.

Until both sink holes are repaired, neighbors say they'll continue to remain extra cautious.

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