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Fact checking the back-to-school commute congestion

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When school is out during the summer, most people say driving is easier.

"As far the morning time with no school in, I get where I'm going with really no problem," driver Brittany Greyer

But once school is back in session things seem to change.

"Traffic is just crazy and when school is in, you got people going to work, going to school, it's a lot of traffic," driver Terrance Harris said.

CBS46 went to the Georgia Department of Transportation to challenge that theory. We learned of several factors that effect that difference.

"School zones aren't in, aren't activated," GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale said. "You don't have school buses. People don't necessarily have to leave the house at a certain time to get their kids to school or to get to work."

GDOT records show the amount of traffic doesn't change much, but the peak times do.

If you can adjust your schedule to match the lighter traffic, great. If not, you will just have to make do like some drivers.

"Got to get used to it, take your time and drive safe," driver Eric Kellum said.

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