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Former store manager speaks out after officer strikes woman with baton, will file complaint

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CBS46 has been tracking all the new developments, and the aftermath of cell phone video showing a DeKalb County police officer repeatedly hitting a woman with his baton.

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CBS46's Sharon Reed joined Rashad Richey on 1380 WOAK Monday for an exclusive interview, where we heard a new take on the incident.

The conversation started fast and furious with former convenience store manager Khalid Hussain, who took questions for more than an hour. The brutal beating incident took place on June 4, but didn't come to light until a cell phone video was released in July.

Hussain says he didn't hear about it until it hit YouTube, even though the store had its own surveillance video.

"So 15 days went by, and you had not viewed that video?" Reed asked Hussain.

"No," he responded. "Because nobody told me."

But when he finally viewed the video, Hussain says he was shocked at what he saw.

"It was too much. It should not happen with anyone in the world," says Hussain.

Hussain told us that he has known the victim for seven years.

"You said you knew her, Ms. McCrary. Had you ever barred her from the store before?" Reed asked.

"No," he answered. "She always came in my store every morning because one cup of coffee was free for her."

"There are rumors, a lot of rumors -- was the door locked during this incident?" Reed asked.

"Ma'am, that's the biggest rumor," Hussain answered. "So we don't have the lock on the door."

Hussain did not know the officer and said he plans to file a complaint against him.

"In my hand right now, I have a DeKalb County Board of Ethics Complaint Form," said Richey. "Will you fill that out before you leave the studio?"

"Yes sir, I will. Right now," answered Hussain.

"Why specifically are you here today in this forum?" Reed asked.

"Because I'm trying to make it clear of what happened over there because a lot of rumors is there," answered Hussain.

"Are you here to save the store, and the money that's coming in?" Reed asked.

"Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am," Hussain answered. 

Hussain wanted to clear up rumors, and he also told Reed personally that the spotlight had been too intense and stressful.

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