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Waste Not

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Joyce Oscar

Former WSB TV

Joyce Oscar Joyce Oscar

Perhaps nothing is more irritating than wasteful people.  Wasted time, wasted energy and wasted material items come to mind.

Take for example government waste. In 2000, the Y2K computer bug that was supposed to shutdown everybody’s computers when we were all partying like it was 1999 came and went.  Now, 17 years later the federal government has finally been ordered to stop preparing for the Y2K computer melt down.

Last month the Trump administration announced it would end dozens of Y2K paperwork requirements for federal agencies including a regulation to provide updates on the preparedness for the bug. Finally, the Pentagon will be free from creating a report every time a small vendor is paid, busy work that ate up over a thousand work hours every year.

It’s like they forgot how to deregulate. So, it took nearly two decades to reassign government workers to more productive tasks.  What a huge waste of time, how shameful.

And while I’m on the subject of waste, what about Actor Johnny Depp, a supporter of global warming activism owning 14 homes, including a French chateau and a steam powered 156-foot yacht?  All of this revealed because Depp is in a bitter battle with his business managers and their handling of his finances. You remember Depp and his recent “joke” about assassinating President Trump.

The virtuous environmentalist also stated there is one item he owns that he absolutely refuses to give up when confronted with financial difficulties, a private jet.

I don’t know about you but growing up I never heard the word recycling. It was common practice in most homes to reuse brown paper bags, rubber bands, aluminum foil, wrapping paper, bows and cardboard until it fell apart. We also turned in glass soda bottles at the store and got five cents for each one.

As I said, nothing is more irritating than wasteful people, but hypocritical people are a close second.

I’m Joyce Oscar




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