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Power surge costs thousands in damages, who's to blame?

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A Fairburn homeowner was getting a basic cable upgrade when a power surge hit her home, costing her thousands of dollars in damages.

She thought the Comcast contractor was to blame, but an electrician's inspection returned a much different finding.

Better Call Harry has new developments in a story we first reported last Friday.

Statement from Greystone Power

We certainly understand the frustration that Ms. Garrett is feeling and can empathize. All we can comment on at the moment is Comcast's report that was presented to us. We take exception to the insinuation that the connection to the meter base was not installed correctly. For instance, the connection was not an attempt to lengthen the wire, it was a utility grade, industry approved adapter, called a pin terminal, used to accommodate the connector provided in the meter base. After hearing about this issue we performed an inspection of installations made during the same period, in the same development, utilizing the same meter base and pin terminal, and  found no problems with any of them. This appears to be an isolated incident.

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