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Roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be closed to start football season

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As thousands of Falcons and Atlanta United fans await the opening of their team's new home, there's a bit of a setback.

The stadium's signature feature -- the roof -- won't be a part of the experience until sometime after the stadium's grand opening.

The biggest improvement over the Georgia Dome was going to be the open-air stadium, but bad measurements started causing delays in the Spring, and with football season around the corner, the roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium is officially going to start the season shut.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank first addressed the media earlier in April to calm concerns about the problems with the stadium's design. The flower petal-shaped roof wasn't coming together as quickly as planned.

"You know, we have to complete the process of having the petals extended on, make sure it operates properly, open position," said Blank.

In a phone interview with Blank's CEO, Steve Cannon, he assured CBS46 the roof would be in working order for the preseason, but now we're learning it's not even going to be ready for the first regular season game in the middle of September. 

"No one's ever built a fixed roof structure like that, no one's ever built an operable roof structure that sits on top of it like that, the world's largest scoreboard hanging from that it's a very complex project, and it's taking time," says Scott Jenkins, the general manger of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

CBS46 is learning the last phase of the roof project will take a mandatory 40 days to complete for regulations, and as of July 25, the process hasn't started yet.

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