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Atlanta man concerned over water leak and sinking road

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Tony Evans lives in southwest Atlanta.

"Get out here and fix this stuff," Evans said. "We pay taxes over here too. It don't make no sense."

The corner of Campbellton Road and Centra Villa Road is his MARTA bus stop. But now he goes out of his away to avoid what he calls a dangerous situation.

"These buses so heavy man, you know this whole thing is a big pipe under hear leaking," Evans said. "It's going to fall in."

Evans says water has been leaking for months causing sinkholes that crews have covered with three metal plates.

"That one over there where the line is at, sinkhole came there, about two big holes like that and water came up running down the street," Evans said.

He believes that leak is washing away the road and more.

"See all these little humps right there," Evans pointed out. "That's sinking in."

CBS46 reached out to the City of Atlanta, and specifically the Watershed Department. All we were told is it is being looked into, the same answer Evans says he gets, which is not enough.

"Fix it," Evans said. "Don't just put a plate down, fix it. That's all I'm asking, fix it. Don't make no sense."

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