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Why is school starting earlier in Georgia?

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We're getting you answers about why the school year is starting earlier and earlier in Georgia. As an example, school starts on Monday in Cobb County and parents say that's cutting their kid's summer short.

"About the time you get ready to go on a vacation, they have to get back because school starts," says Loretta Pigg.

Her granddaughter isn't looking forward to going back to school either.

"I'd rather not," her granddaughter says. "I'd rather go back...in the middle of August."

So why are schools starting now in July?

We have learned that the school calendar was originally based off the farmer's schedule. Times have changed and the schedules are shifting.

Dr. Barbara Hill has worked in education for over 40 years and says starting early is a good thing for parents and students.

"Back where they have breakfast and lunch provided for them, but it's also a time for them to get a head start in their performance standards and their GMAT standards that will come in April."

With schools only required to get in 180 school days, districts have the freedom to pick when they start, and starting earlier with more breaks is becoming more common.

But a father of three kids says there are too many breaks.

"In Cobb County, where we get a week off at the end of September, I would almost prefer to keep that extra week in the summer," he says.

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