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Carnival involved in Ohio death will run Gwinnett County, Georgia State fairs

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Gwinnett County Fairgrounds (WGCL) Gwinnett County Fairgrounds (WGCL)

CBS46 confirmed the carnival where a man was killed on an amusement ride in Ohio is the same one scheduled to host the Gwinnett County Fair in September.

The private group organizing the Gwinnett County fair has no plans to pick a different carnival company, and the same goes for the folks in charge of the Georgia State Fair at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where the carnival will go afterward.

CBS46 asked people in Lawrenceville if they plan to get on the rides.

On man said he would because he is a thrill seeker.

Another woman told our camera her rule has always been, if you can take it down in a day, she won't get on it.

Looking through records, CBS46 discovered Amusements of America had an issue last year at their stop in Memphis. According to witnesses, a spinning ride called the Moonraker released passengers from their restraints before the ride came to a full stop.

Several people were injured, but none seriously.

In both that case and the one in Ohio, third-party inspectors looked at the rides beforehand.

A representative of Amusements of America tells CBS46 they're still investigating what happened with the Fireball, and depending on how that goes, we may even see it when they come to Georgia.

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