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Police officer dragged; Was chase worth the risk?

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A police officer was dragged, and CBS46 is asking investigators if the reason police gave chase in this case was worth the risk.

The man police followed out of a Rockdale County pharmacy was trying to fill a fake prescription. 

Employees at the store were savvy enough to notice the fake prescription and hold the guy in place while calling 911. But when officers got there, he broke away and took off up the street, eventually dragging an officer in a pickup.

We spoke to Ora Bailey, the owner of the Beasley Drug Company, and she explained to CBS46 that after realizing the man's prescription wasn't real, they called 911.

Three Conyers police officers arrived, and on bodycam video you can clearly see and hear the man who claims his name is Rashaun. But the man didn't wait for the medication. Instead, he weaves his way around a cop guarding the door, then bolts.

"He ran so quickly, I told everybody he was like a jack rabbit," says Bailey.

On video, you see an officer grab the man as he hops in the passenger side of the truck, but the pickup takes off, bringing the officer along for the ride.

"He...has the wherewithal to say this could get real ugly and push himself away from the suspect," says Kim Lucas with Conyers police.

But not before he's dragged several yards, suffering road rash, but no broken bones.

We asked officials if this was a necessary move for the officer to make?

"We didn't know there was a truck waiting, we didn't know there were two other people involved," says Lucas. "He just knew he was running down the street...I think most officers in that situation would have done the same thing."

Police say they're looking for the man, in addition to two other people they say were in the truck.

The officer is expected to recover just fine.

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