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Suspect dead, police officer shot in DeKalb County

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(Source: WGCL) (Source: WGCL)
(Source: WGCL) (Source: WGCL)
Quintas Harris (Source: DeKalb County police) Quintas Harris (Source: DeKalb County police)
Mason, Anderson, Mathews and Gibson (Source: Atlanta Police Department) Mason, Anderson, Mathews and Gibson (Source: Atlanta Police Department)

A wild shootout in a metro Atlanta apartment complex left one man dead and a police officer wounded.

Kenneth Jones described what happened outside his Maple Walk apartment in DeKalb County Wednesday night as complete chaos.

“I could still hear the police saying, 'Drop your weapon, drop your weapon,'” Jones said.  “So I’m like, man there goes the crazy dude, I’m like come on man, I was trying to get my brother and then he pulled out that gun and said, 'So you don’t think I’m black Jesus, black Jesus?' Bam.”

Quintas Harris, 27, fired a single gunshot into his home and then got into a shootout with four officers, injuring officer R. Mason in the hand.

Police fired back, killing Harris.

“He does this, just the day before he was walking out here screaming to the top of his lungs, just cussing and fussing like he normally does,” witness Damu Boyer said.

Neighbors and friends of Harris said he was an Iraq war veteran who struggled with PTSD. Our investigation found that Harris has been arrested multiple times in DeKalb County during the past four years and charged with battery, obstruction of an officer and cruelty to children.

“I just don’t want to even picture him that way because that’s not how I see him. That’s not the person I knew,” Monique White said. 

White said she and Harris were good friends and she knew him as a loving family man.

“He has two kids, two boys and he loved them to death. He loved my kids. That just doesn’t sound like him to me at all,” White said. 

“No, I don’t have any sympathy for him. He got what he asked for, he had a death wish,” Jones said.

All four officers involved opened fire and all four are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the GBI investigation.

The officers were identified as R. Mason, who was wounded, M.N. Anderson, O.J. Mathews and M.T. Gibson.

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