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Woman leaves dog in hot car twice in the same day

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Chihuahua puppy saved from car (WGCL) Chihuahua puppy saved from car (WGCL)

A Monroe police officer rescued a Chihuahua puppy from inside a car with the sun beating down. The temperature outside at the time was in the mid 80s.  It was the second time the dog was rescued from the same car that same day.

The story began the morning of July 16, with a 911 call from a different parking lot in Loganville.

A passerby alerted police about a puppy he noticed in a 2008 Saturn with the windows rolled up. It was parked outside of Walmart on Atlanta Highway.

Loganville Police found the twenty-seven-year-old owner and let her go with a warning, but hours later, Monroe Police got a similar call from the parking lot of Clearview Medical Center.

Video from the police body camera captured the entire incident.

The responding Monroe officer broke the same dog out of the same car and tracked the woman down. She told the officer she was visiting a friend in the hospital. She also said she was living out of her car.

The concerned bystanders who called police offered the woman money to take her dog.

"My mom and I actually offered her $100 to take the dog- to take it home, so it would have a good home and a good family," said Reyann Miller.

After the woman said no, they upped their offer to $150, but she wouldn't budge, insisting she developed an attachment to the dog.

CBS46 reported when a couple in Duluth was charged with animal cruelty in July for doing the same thing to their cat and two dogs. But in that case, it was ten degrees hotter outside, and the pets were in much worse shape when police found them.

After studying the animal cruelty law, the Monroe officer, who his chief describes as a dog lover, decided he didn't have enough to make a case for arrest.

Because the woman attempted to keep a fan running in the car, the windows were cracked, and she left a bowl of water, the officer felt like he couldn't prove she intended to cause the animal harm.  She ended up getting a third chance, but the officer left her with a stern warning not to leave the dog in the car again.

In Georgia, police have less discretion to take animals away from their owners simply for being unfit parents. Because there is no Department of Family and Child Services equivalent for dogs, the animal either has to suffer significantly, or police have to prove a person's actions went beyond simple bad judgment.  The definition of "suffering significantly" is left to the discretion of the officer on scene.

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