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Moving a hill to improve road safety

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Charlie Sherrod works in the City of Roswell. He's glad to see some work being done to the intersection of Bush Street and Grove Way because of a dangerous hill.

"When you approach the hill you probably need to be going about 10 or 15 mph because if you are going any faster you could come over the crest and there could be a child in the street," Charlie Sherrod said.

"There have been issues with traffic accidents or near accidents because of the children in the area," City of Roswell Transportation Director Steve Acenbrak said. "There is also a church right there and residents."

The project will cost about $1.3 million. Crews first have to relocate utilities that run through the hill. There are even more challenges for crews.

"It's not just a matter of getting a bulldozer and just pushing the dirt away," Acenbrak said. "We are going to probably have to bore through the rock and dig up some of the rock in order to do this so it's a pretty complicated little project."

The project will also add a sidewalk and allow two way traffic, which will be a benefit to emergency units getting through as well as the public.

The project is scheduled to last at least 10 months.

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