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Atlanta has 4 inch rain surplus for year

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If it seems like it's rained a lot lately in Atlanta, it's because it has!

Going back to May, there's only been two stretches where Atlanta as seen five dry days in a row, with one stretch in early May and the other from the end of July into early August.

Otherwise, there's been plenty of rain days in Atlanta.

Total rain days 

So far this year, I've counted 91 total rain days, which are days where at least 0.01 inches of rain fell in Atlanta. Through Aug. 8, that accounts for 41 percent of the year.

That percentage is even higher when looking at just the summer months. Since June, there have been 35 total rain days in Atlanta, which means it's rained in the city 51 percent of the time from June through Aug. 8.

Half-inch rain days, and more

Of the 91 total rain days in Atlanta this year, 23 of those days included at least half an inch of rain, while we've had seven days this year with at least 1 inch of rain, most recently on Tuesday. 


As of Aug. 8, about 35 inches of rain has fallen in Atlanta, which is more than 4 inches above average for the year. Through Aug. 8 of last year, Atlanta had only seen just under 27 inches of rain.

Atlanta typically sees just under 50 inches of rain each year, which means we've picked up about 72 percent of our normal yearly rain.

So far this year, January has been the wettest month of the year with 8.18 inches of rain, while February has been the driest, with only 1.85 inches of rain. 

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