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Unloaded ammo magazine gets Georgia man arrested on trip to New York City

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A warning for Georgia gun owners: If you're flying somewhere else with your weapons permit, make sure you do your research. A man from Atlanta was arrested at the airport in New York City for something he would never get in trouble for in his hometown.

Avi Wolf got the surprise of a lifetime on his last trip to New York City. He made it through Hartsfield-Jackson with no problem, but on the way back, it was a different story.

"I felt like I was being treated like a terrorist. I asked them, what are you guys doing, is this normal? They said, 'Unfortunately it is. This happens a lot,'" said Wolf.

Wolf thought he knew all the rules for traveling, taking the extra step to announce there was something in his luggage, but that's when a team of Port Authority Police arrested him anyway.

"We had a mini army there to escort me out of the airport in cuffs- quite humiliating."

It turns out he didn't even have a full gun in his bag, just the magazine for one, and it was unloaded.

"No matter how hard I would have tried, there's nothing I could have done with it, it wasn't dangerous," explained Wolf.

What Wolf didn't know is that 30 round magazines are strictly forbidden in New York City, regardless of whether they're empty or being carried alone. Wolf was taken to jail and charged with a serious felony.

"With convicted felons who come in on the daily. These guys were checking in and out of there like it was part of their routine. It wasn't a very comforting feeling," said Wolf.

But with help from his lawyer, Peter Tilem, the charge was reduced to disorderly conduct.

"So I still have a record for something that, in the state of Georgia, people recommend you do, and carry, and have," said Wolf.

He got a very expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient lesson, but hopefully, it's something other Georgia permit holders can learn from.

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