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Did convicted killer of Roswell teens post on social media from prison?

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Did a convicted killer of two Roswell teens post on social media from inside of prison?

The Department of Corrections tells CBS46 they are looking into that right now. CBS46 also has exclusive information about a strange Facebook interaction from Hazelwood’s Facebook account within the last 24 hours.

"Jeff Hazelwood has accepted your friend request" was the surprising Facebook notification former CBS46 reporter Christian de la Rosa got Thursday afternoon. He sent Hazelwood a friend request in August of last year after Hazelwood was arrested for the murders of Roswell teens Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis. The were both shot and their bodies were found posed behind a Publix grocery store.

Hazelwood is currently serving life at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville. He pleaded guilty to the two murders in May.

Though he is in prison, his social media accounts became active once again Thursday. The AJC obtained a screenshot from Hazelwood’s Instagram account posted on Thursday. It was a post that only stays online for 24 hours.

Hazelwood has a long history on Instagram with dozens of posts (mostly selfies) dating back to January 2016. He posted a shirtless picture on August 2, 2016, the day after the murders.

Within the last 24 hours, people who noticed he had become active again online took to his Instagram, questioning how he was posting and calling him names like the devil.

So how did the convicted killer who is currently in a Georgia prison post on social media, or did he?

CBS46 has reported extensively on cell phones being smuggled into Georgia prisons. Electronic recording devices aren't allowed in Georgia’s prisons, but inmates like Shawn Mosley (in for aggravated assault and dealing drugs) have very active lives on social media.

“How in the world does he have a Facebook page when he’s a convicted felon inside of a state prison system?” Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds questioned after CBS46 showed him Mosley’s social media accounts in September 2015.

State officials concede they are struggling to control the flow of contraband, especially cell phones: 7,600 phone were seized in Georgia prisons in 2015 alone.

“It’s very difficult, and I understand that for the general public to figure out how this stuff can be making it in,” Ricky Myrick, Director of Professional Standards for the DOC, told CBS46 in 2015.

The Department of Corrections sent CBS46 this statement about Hazelwood’s Instagram post:

"We can't confirm if it is a recent photo or if he took it with a contraband cell phone. Our investigations unit is working to determine the details."

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