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Could electric bicycles be Atlanta's traffic solution?

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Ryan Hersh is the founder of Edison Electric Bicycles. He started building electric bikes as a traffic solution for his own commute.

"Really, I was just really frustrated with my commute and frustrated with riding a bike and showing up all sweaty," founder Ryan Hersh said.

A rechargeable battery pack powers a motor on the back wheel. Different settings give you a little or a lot of assisted power while peddling.

Justin Kennedy rides his regular bike three to four times a week. He doesn't think an electric bike is for him.

"I kind of see it as more of a workout so to answer your question, do I need an electric bike? Probably not," Kennedy said.

But John Turner came to test ride an electric bike and thinks this may be what he needs.

"I hate to admit it but I'm getting a little older and I've biked for a long time just for staying in shape," Turner said.

Both men agree this could help with Atlanta's growing traffic.

"Once we make the city a little more bike-friendly than it already is, then I think, yeah, it could be possible more people start commuting," Kennedy said.

That is exactly what Hersh is hoping for.

"This is for the guy who is working in Kirkwood, he has a 20-year-old car, and all of a sudden this becomes a more viable means of transport," Hersh said. 

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