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Looking at eclipse could cause eye damage if you weren't careful

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Monday's solar eclipse was amazing, but it also could have caused lasting damage to your vision if you weren't careful.

CBS46 spoke to an eye doctor about the signs you need to look for when it comes to eye damage from the sun.

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It could take days, months, even a year to notice any damage done by looking at the solar eclipse without the proper glasses. CBS46 spoke to a doctor who said if you think anything is wrong with your vision, you should see someone immediately.

Dr. Andrea Knouff says the retina is most at risk and the symptoms may not show up right away.

"You might notice a blurry spot in your central vision, so if you're looking at a white piece of paper, or your computer screen, and you notice that there's a little piece missing from your central vision, then that can possibly be a sign that you were affected by looking at the eclipse," says Knouff.

She also says damage will likely only happen if you stared at the eclipse for more than 30 seconds. CBS46 learned that the same damage could occur when staring into the sun for long periods of time.

"It can happen, really, from anywhere from just a few minutes to an hour of looking at the sun," says Knouff.

People with lighter eyes -- like blue and green -- have a higher risk of damage because there's less pigment to protect the eye from the sun.

There's no cure for a damaged retina. It could lead to overall blindness.

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