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Workshop held to address Beltline concerns

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Neighbors near Mercedes-Benz Stadium are bracing for this weekend's opening. Their worries include traffic and rising home values, but programs created to help are causing confusion.

Remember Dorthy Jones? She lives between the stadium and the Beltline and told CBS46 she heard Arthur Blank himself was going to come repair her roof.

That didn't sound quite right.

"A lady came by here saying she was taking names for Arthur Blank," she said. 

That had Jones worried about confusing stories over houses torn down near the stadium. She didn't know about the regular Beltline partnership workshops for homeowners. 

It's led by non-profit housing expert Tia McCoy.

"The word on the street could be confusing," says McCoy. "Not really knowing what is really happening, why change is happening in their communities."

Jones came to get straight answers.

The dozens of questions many ask is how people can get help with repairs to stay in their long-owned house.

Who offers help?

The group House Proud and Habitat for Humanity will help with repairs to keep people warm, safe and dry.

Who is eligible for help?

Seniors over 60, vets or disabled homeowners who occupy their own homes and have insurance.

The Atlanta Beltline partnership is planning another workshop for September.

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