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City of Alpharetta to ask for input regarding North Point Mall area

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Some Alpharetta residents say they’re going to North Point Mall less and less.

"Occasionally if I need to use a coupon or something, I go to Macy's, but normally not so much," said resident Chris Weiss.

Instead, many are flocking to the Avalon, a mixed-use development just two miles away.

"It's just nice to walk around," Weiss said. "They have good restaurants."

The Avalon is 86 acres worth of restaurants, retail and single-family homes.

To learn more about evolving shopping trends, CBS46 spoke with Ellen Dunham-Jones, a Georgia Tech professor with an extensive background in architecture.

"Many of us are really craving to be outdoors, so to be walking along main street with shops that have more of a local feel, they're mixed in with cafes, there's an experience," said Dunham-Jones.

CBS46 asked Alpharetta city leaders what the changing trends could mean for the future of North Point Mall. 

"Twenty years ago, the preference was traditional strip centers, traditional malls like we thought about them for years," said Alpharetta Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard. "Today it's all about experiential retail, walk ability, things like that."

He said city leaders are examining the North Point activity center, which is the stretch of road that North Point Mall sits on. Drinkard said the city will launch their North Point Livable Centers initiative on September 14, asking residents what they’d like to see in that area.

The mall isn’t going away, but city leaders are looking to reinvent the area to match consumer preferences.

"It's a very community intensive type of program where we get a lot of input from citizens about what they want to see in that area."

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