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Joyce Oscar

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Joyce Oscar Joyce Oscar

Elitists beware, you may soon be joining the rest of middle-class America who can’t afford their Obamacare. President Donald Trump is threatening to do away with health care subsidies for Congress and staff members.

While Americans making over $47,000 a year are required by law to pay full price for their Obamacare and get no federal subsidies, lawmakers and their staff are exempt. Members of Congress and their staff, some making well over six figures are given a special status. It means these privileged folks can get subsidies valued at up to 11-thousand dollars a year. Under Obamacare, only the poor are given similar treatment.

How did this happen you might ask? When President Obama pushed through the Affordable Care Act members of Congress and their staff complained the healthcare exchanges were unaffordable.

So, President Obama authorized members of Congress and their staff to get federal subsidies so you the taxpayer can help pay for their healthcare. Many in the legal community say what Obama did is probably illegal but not to worry, elitists deserve this special favor. Taxpayers have been footing the health care bill for the poor and the highbrow Washington elite for the eight years.

So, while your representatives tell you they are going to Washington to repeal, fix, and revise the Affordable Care Act they really have little or no incentive to do so because they are getting big fat federal subsidies along with their big fat federal paychecks. Apparently, all these subsidies help the Washington elite afford the gold premium health care policies while you struggle to pay for the high deductible, very expensive bronze policy.

What I don’t understand is why we don’t hear a peep from democrats about this completely unfair subsidy? Why are the so-called protectors of working-class Americans not marching on Washington, holding prayer vigils and speaking out about this inequity?

Instead, the very rich President Trump threatens to sucker punch the elites in the gut so they can feel the pain you feel. If a president can carve out a subsidy from thin air, another president can take it away. I hope Trump doesn’t back down.

I’m Joyce Oscar


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