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Gwinnett County studies future transportation options

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Gwinnett County Transit is conducting a study and asking riders what could improve the current transit system.

"We are seeking out through the study to determine what our citizens would like to see in additional service, and collecting data on where additional service may make [the] most sense," Gwinnett County Transportation Director Alan Chapman said.

These are some things riders told CBS46 they want.

"Just more routes, sir. That's it," bus rider Theresa said. "More routes and more frequency."

"I think the smaller buses that make more frequent stops would be more cost effective, and you won't have the full buses making so many stops, taking so long," bus rider Larry Prewitt said.

Those suggestions fall under possible short term changes Gwinnett County Transit will consider. But there are also bigger picture, long term options to be considered, like possible light rail, or even a heavy rail transit train network. 

CBS46 asked if MARTA could be included in that plan.

"At this point we are really looking at the needs and not necessarily who would operate the system," Chapman said. "We do think it's important for us to work with all our regional partners."

Riders said they don't care who operates the system, they just want to see rail service in their county.

"They could benefit from a train, they need a train out here in my opinion," rider Don Smith said.

For more details on the Gwinnett Transit survey click here.

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