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Hank Aaron: Give Kaepernick a chance

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A long-running controversy is resurfacing just days before the first games of the NFL season. The controversy surrounds Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback without a job in what some call retaliation for exercising his right to free speech.

Demonstrators gathered in Atlanta and elsewhere Wednesday to make their support known.

CBS46 heard from Hank Aaron, who is very much in favor of another team signing Kaepernick. He doesn't necessarily sympathize with kneeling down for the national anthem, but he says NFL owners should set that aside. 

"I think someone needs to give this young man a chance," says Aaron.

The baseball great told journalist Roland Martin he thinks Kaepernick's failure to find a team to play with is a "raw deal," and not a reflection of his abilities on the field.

"I don't think anybody can do the things that he can," says Aaron. "So, I just wish somebody would open up and give him a chance to do his thing and say, hey, kneeling down, or whatever he did, let's forget about it."

Demonstrators outside the College Football Hall of Fame, and later at Morris Brown College, have no doubt in their minds why Kaepernick is unemployed.

"Here goes a man who took a knee in order to stand for various atrocities across this nation," said a protester.

Now they're calling for Kaepernick supporters to boycott watching NFL games until someone gives him a job.

"Without our money, they can't make money, and they will fail," said another protester. "They need us, they need to wake up and see that they need us as a people."

These rallies in Atlanta happened at the same time as a rally in front of NFL headquarters in New York City, which was attended by hundreds of people.

No team has come out and said they are deliberately excluding Kaepernick because of his politics, but it's still the leading theory amongst the outspoken.

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