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U.S. Rep. Karen Handel shares insight on “acrimonious” atmosphere Congress

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Georgia’s newest member of Congress gave some rare insight Thursday into her new role as Representative of U.S. House District 6.

Rep. Karen Handel gave remarks and answered audience questions at a meeting of the Georgia division of the American Council of Engineering Companies.

When asked if she’s seeing any bipartisan efforts on the big issues, she said, “It is very acrimonious right now.”

Handel said she recently learned that when the appropriations bill came up, word came down from Democratic leaders in Congress that no Democrats were to vote for it. She said not once have Republican leaders told her how vote.

“For example, my first day, ‘What are you going to vote on?’ I don’t even remember now what the bill was. I said, ‘I have no idea. What’s the bill? I have been there three hours. What bill?’ But I mean, it was very much, ‘Okay, go take a look at the bill. Let us know if you have questions. Help us get you – tell us what you need to have to get you to the place that you need to be supportive,’” Handel recalled.

She shared some insight on tax reform, telling the engineers it’s likely to be the next issue Congress will tackle after the break. She talked about the renewed focus on the opioid crisis, and she discussed healthcare reform, saying she was speechless that the Senate didn’t pass something.

“The rubber will meet the road, so to speak, at the end of October when open enrollment begins,” Handel said, adding that will be when many Georgians will learn from their insurers that their premiums will once again go up or that their provider will no longer be in their region.

“The Senate does have the ability through its rules to bring it back up. I don’t know if that is going to happen,” she said.

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