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Local artists upset with newly proposed city ordinance

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Driving through Cabbage Town Atlanta it's hard not to notice the dozens of murals. However, now thanks to a newly proposed ordinance, much of that artwork could be in jeopardy.

"As a property owner, I think it would effect me greatly that I would have to go through the city to add a mural or anything that could be construed as art," Peter Ferrari, a local artist tells CBS46.

The ordinance was introduced by Atlanta City Councilwoman, Joyce Sheperd. It would require artists and property owners to go through the city and their homeowners association before adding murals and other artwork visible to the public.

"There's plenty of buildings all over the city that need love. I don't need the city stepping in unless they're giving me some resources to help," Fabian Williams another local artist says.

Williams creates murals and artwork all throughout the city. He says he paints to brighten up communities and make a difference.

"I just believe that if a kid is walking by this thing and he looks up and gets something out of it, that's worth it to me," Williams said.

Williams and Ferrari say the ordinance violates free speech and plan to sue the city if it's passed.

Councilwoman Sheperd says in a statement that's not her intent.

There has been a misinterpretation of the legislation. I'm confident these changes will resolve the issue of constitutionality. It will help, not hurt. We will be streamlining the process.

A press secretary for city council says right now city attorneys are reviewing this newly proposed ordinance. If they determine that it's legal, it will make it to city council for a vote.

Earlier this year the city settled in a lawsuit challenging a similar ordinance that attempted to control art on private property.

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