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Another catastrophe; The differences between Harvey and Katrina

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Many people are wondering, with another catastrophic storm affecting the U.S., will Hurricane Harvey have the same effects as Hurricane Katrina did exactly 12 years ago in August 2005? 

So far, the statistics show that the Hurricanes are about the same in strength, but because of the location the effects may take a different toll on the city of Houston. 

CBS46 Meteorologist Ella Dorsey delivers linear comparisons of both Hurricanes.

Harvey vs. Katrina
Strength & Size: Cat 4 at landfall, 280 miles wide Strength and Size: Cat 3 at landfall, 300 miles wide

Rainfall: More than 40” has fallen in Houston, and another 6-12” is likely over the next 2 days.

By the time it is over, it will have dropped the most rainfall of any tropical system in US history.

Rainfall: only 5-10” (17” was the max)
Storm Surge: 6-12 ft Storm Surge: 10-25 ft. This was what made Katrina so destructive. 
Flooding: Flooding extends from SE Texas all the way through Louisiana.   Flooding: Katrina’s terrible flooding was caused by storm surge that caused aging levees to break, pouring water into the city all at once. 80% of the city experienced flooding.
Population Affected: still unknown. Houston’s population alone = 6.6 million. Add San Antonio, Austin, and NOLA= 9.5 MILLION PEOPLE AFFECTED at this point Population Affected: 480,000. New Orleans is a relatively small city. 
Deaths: 14 as of now. Deaths: 1,833. The high death toll was due to the flash flooding caused when  the levees broke. One of the deadliest hurricane in history.  
Cost: unknown. Houston has the 4th highest GDP of major US cities (oil). Estimates are nearing 100 billion at this point. Cost: 108 billion

As of today, the main differences are the full extent of Harvey’s devastation is not yet known, but the flooding situation mirrors that of Katrina.

However, Harvey is affecting a much larger population. Katrina was much deadlier due to the rate that New Orleans flooded after the levees broke. 

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