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CBS46 gets access to never before released documents in McIver case

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CBS46 is getting a look at never before released documents in the Tex McIver case. 

Reporter Natalie Rubino went word for word through a transcript of Dani Jo Carter's interview with police the night Diane died. Carter was Diane's best friend of 40 years and was driving the vehicle she was shot in.

In her interview with Atlanta Police Detective Darren Smith, Dani Jo Carter said she was often envious of the marriage Tex and Diane had. She said Tex proposed to Diane in 2005 with a $60,000 diamond from Singapore.

When asked if Tex and Diane had any marriage issues Carter said, "their relationship was something to be envied."

Carter said that Diane didn't want to get married after she divorced her first husband but Tex, "kept pursuing her."

When speaking about the night Diane was shot, Carter told Smith that she was driving Tex and Diane home from Putnam County and that Tex was sleeping in the backseat.

She said, "Diane was fussing at him because she said, you know, if he didn't wake up, he wasn't going to sleep tonight."

Tex eventually woke up when Carter and Diane decided to take a detour off the Edgewood Ave exit to avoid traffic. That's when Tex asked for his gun.

Carter said Diane handed him his gun and she believes he fell back to sleep.

A few minutes later she heard the gun go off. 

Carter said, "I see Tex, uh, putting the gun down and he said, uh, something about he had fallen asleep."

Carter told Smith that she wanted to take Diane to Piedmont Hospital after the gun went off on Piedmont and 12th streets.

She said, "he [Tex] says, no, Emory's closer...I said, well, you got to tell me how to get there."

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