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Police try to crackdown on texting and driving offenders

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Stand on any street corner in Atlanta and look at traffic, and chances are you will see someone texting behind the wheel instead of watching for the light to turn green.

"More often than not, it seems like 90 percent of the time someone is texting when you look over at their car," driver Peter Davis said.

Next comes the horns from the annoyed driver behind them.

"In the last five years or so, it has seemed to be real prevalent, and I believe that is because everyone has a phone with them now," Cobb County police officer Pete Jones said.

Jones admits it can be tough to catch someone texting and driving.

"It's difficult to do that enforcement unless you see an unsafe act," Jones said.

But police are always on the lookout.

Jones warns that you don't have to commit any other violations to get pulled over for texting and driving.

"That stands alone," Jones said. "If I see you driving down the road and I can tell you are texting, even if you aren't doing anything else unsafe, I can still make that stop and write that ticket."

Police urge drivers must follow the law or face the fines because they are taking people to court.

"Once we cross the bar of determining it is a violation, I believe the court systems are prosecuting them," Jones said. "I've never seen nor heard of one getting kicked back."

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