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CBS46 gets action for community with flooding issue

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When it rains, it floods near the entrance of the Danforth subdivision at the intersection of Lavista Road and Richard Stokes Drive in DeKalb County.

It's a problem neighbors have complained about for months.

“The water was so deep that it literally covered the sewers, and so I got my boots, not to go in there, but just to see what was going on,” homeowner Regina Kamor said.

And despite the signs of there being a limited-sight distance in the neighborhood, it’s a problem every one could see clearly.

“I figured it was only going to get worse because if the drains were stopped up, they were going to get more stopped up,” homeowner Mitch Leff said. 

But after several calls for help and no response from DeKalb County, folks thought they had run into a dead end. 

“As a taxpayer I thought, I would like to have a little better response from the county to my requests. I understand if they say I can’t get it done this week, but in two months, in three months I would have thought this can get done,” Leff said.

And when it didn’t, they were left with only one option.

“I’ve used the news media before for other problems so sometimes that’s the only way,” Kamor said.

“I hate that it takes that to make that happen because not everybody knows Adam Murphy right? So if you know Adam, things will get done,” Leff said.

Things did get done. DeKalb County crews moved out debris in the drains, just before the clouds moved in.

“I know that it would have taken a lot longer if not for the extra nudge that CBS46 gave it,” Leff said.

DeKalb County officials said they also found debris in other drains in the area which they plan to clean out as well.

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