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Georgia State Patrol fights texting and driving on interstates

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Matt Smith has a long commute and says he sees people working on their cell phones while behind the wheel.

"I think during work hours I think people are very very tempted," driver Matt Smith said. "They feel the pressure to respond to emails and that sort of thing."

So maybe you think checking your email while driving isn't texting so it's not against the law. Georgia State Patrol says you better think again.

"The way the law is written it talks about any text based communication which includes email, instant messaging, texting, Facebook, anything that you can do other than speaking on cellphone is prohibited by that code section," Georgia State Patrol Public Information Officer Mark Perry said.

But trying to catch people in the act while driving on the interstate isn't easy.

"If an officer or trooper sees someone with a phone they can always tell you i was just dialing the phone and without taking that phone and looking at it or getting phone records you can't really prove it unless you look at their phone and you can't just take a persons phone and look," Perry said.

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